Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Restorations 


Manx Norton 30M - Original 1960 Spec.


 Motorcycles have always been our passion. Starting with stripped down old mopeds we scrambled around local fields until we fell off, ran out of petrol or the police turned up! We had great fun out-running a local mad dog turned crazy by buzzing 2-strokes, it growled and snap, it got close but never caught us. As a result of our adventures we honed our riding skills, we became expert at mad dog evasion, clattering over pot holes, avoiding trees (not always) and making the police laugh rather than shout at us. Happy days!

We learned a lot, how to ride and stay upright, how to keep our bikes going and how to make them go faster. We built a reputation for quick bikes, for tearing around the streets (we were teenagers!) at which time the bobbies stopped laughing and started chasing. Our escapades did earn us the odd fine but also many friends and their bikes to work on; some for road and some for track use.

We have been building bikes for over 30 years and during this time we have ridden and rebuilt bikes from Edwardian to 90's super bikes, 125cc commuters to Yamaha TZ750s to behemoth big CC multi-cylinder bikes of the 70's and 80's. But British motorcycles have remained a huge interest and at the core of our work.  
One of JAL's very special Triton's, ultra light at under 280lbs dry and fast fitted with a race prepared engine (big cams, special crank, steel rods, gas flowed  and big carbs. All balanced, all end floats corrected and she pulls 8000rpm in top with 15% longer primary and 22fr 45re sprockets. Speed trapped at 142mph. Not much Triumph in this engine!
So after many years of working in our chosen careers and building top quality road and race bikes in our spare time we have decided to change focus and spend much more of our time building bikes. So we created JAL Motorcycle Restorations Ltd offering a motorcycle restoration and repair service for competition and road going motorcycles built before 1989 BC (before computers) or occasionally a little later.
JAL undertake full or part restorations regardless of make or model. We specialise in unusual and interesting bikes but are more than happy to work main stream models too. Top priority for us it to deliver motorcycles that meet the exact requirements of our customers and are happy to advise what type of restoration best suits the intended use of your motorcycle;-
  • "Show" quality elegance using stainless components, perfect paint, chrome, casting and casing refinishing.. 
  • Sympathetic restorations for motorcycles were originality is key. 
  • Or top quality restorations for road or track employing the very latest thinking.

We are happy to recommission motorcycles that have been in long term storage or prepare motorcycles for storage. And we undertake all of the normal repair and maintenance services for your classic motorcycle. Services we provide;-

  • All mechanical work including engine and gearbox rebuilding.
  • Chassis modification and restoration work. 
  • Blasting Services - Vapour (which is actually fine grade and water)  or grit.
  • Powder coating and wet spray enamel.  
  • Stunning paintwork to original or race schemes.
  • Chrome plating (only undertaken as part of a restoration).
  • Electrical work including full rewires. Either harness replacement or new harnesses built from scratch for your special either single or dual circuit for certain types of racing.
  • Race quality assembly of all motorcycles regardless of their intended use.
  • MOT service; Collect, undertake any pre MOT work, MOT it and return it to you. We will also organise an MOT bikes restored by us if so required. 

 We also offer a bespoke motorcycle build service for classic racing or road use and have a reputation for building race engineered specials be they Norton hybrid, AMC, Seeley, Bakker, Spondon or Harris (Magnum or F1) , also Honda CR's, Suzuki TR or Yamaha TZ. We can in fact we can build just about anything you like.

  Recently "sympathetically" restored by us the Broad Yamaha TZ750 (8) ex Dave Potter. Photographed at Mallory Park being chased by Tepi Lansivouri on the Ex works Suzuki TR750. 

WE WORK TO JUST ONE STANDARD "RACE" mechanically and "PERFECTION" cosmetics. Our builds speak for themselves and are among the most photographed and always draw a crowd in the race paddock or outside your local. Please visit our galleries to view just a small cross section of motorcycles that we have either restored or built from the ground up. 

Please note; We don't build lash ups, if something is not right we will fix it. We don't hide the nasty and ugly under filler or behind a fairing. Stripped bare our bikes are still beautiful and detailed.  


Delivery and Collection Service.

JAL Restorations also offer our clients a motorcycle collection and delivery service in the UK only. This service is free for local collection and delivery services within a 15 mile radius of our workshop. All other locations are competitively priced using the AA mileage recommended rate for our vehicle and 50% of our normal hourly labour charge all plus VAT. Please call for a quote. However we will heavily discount this charge for clients requiring full restorations.

Or you can deliver the bike yourself!